Want to Help Veterans? Read This!

soldiers holding flagIt never ceases to amaze me how generous people are and it fascinates me how people get involved in the organizations or “causes” they choose to support. Enter “Friends2veterans” a new program that is being supported by and organized by local veteran, Jerry Turner. Jerry is a wonderful man, a proud veteran and a man of his word. His job, as he sees it, is to help local veterans however he can……………and he does!

The “Friends2veterans” program is working on a documentary and they are happy to announce they are working with award-winning producer and director Leonard Marcel. This noted producer/director will work with team members to develop this important film that will deal with the challenges and  of working to rebuild the lives of America’s wounded warriors and their families. We all need to remember that for each wounded soldier (male or female) there are devastated family members and friends who must be part of the “healing process.” Not only does the soldier or sailor need healing, the family members and friends often have to learn a different way of living, especially when that family member has suffered a life-changing injury.

The documentary will focus on organizations that give unconditionally to rebuild the lives of America’s new generation of troops, those who have sen combat and have returned home with dreams of a future. Some of the organizations who assist veterans include “Homes for Troops,” “Tank Chair,” the “Waves Project,” as well as the “Joshua Chamberlain Society”. Businesses that give support or products or both) to these organization to make dreams come true will also be focused in this documentary.

To participate in some way to help America’s wounded vets join the Friends2veterans documentary team at 222.friends2veterans.com or call Jerry Turner at (909) 867-2432.

Remember, we owe these veterans so much so support them all you can. We especially honor our wounded veterans for their sacrifice but also the sacrifices their families have made as well.




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