Who Was Your First Teacher? Bet’ya You’re Wrong!!!!

sweet_kidsIf you were asked who your first teacher was you’d probably spend a lot of try trying to go back  in your memory to Kindergarten or preschool and remember that teacher’s name. However, that Kindergarten or preschool teacher wasn’t your first teacher…..that designation goes to your parent(s). That title probably wouldn’t pop into most people’s minds but it’s our parents who teach us from the time we’re born until we have “real paid teachers” when we bop off to elementary school.

Want to learn to be a better teacher to your child or children? Since children don’t come with directions (darn it) there’s no set protocol for working with children because each child is different.

Did you know that Rim Family Services has a program entitled “Parents as Teachers” and if you feel that this program could assist you in being a better parent call the agency that is located in Skyforest.

The “Parents as Teachers” program is available for families that have children up to age five and this program, funded by First Five, has been an enormous success. Since 1981 the program has been implemented in more than 3,000 sites and in 50 states as well as several countries.

Parents who participate in the program  are generally more involved in their children’s school, which is key to their child’s success. As most everyone knows, today’s children, at age three, are far more advanced in several ways than children were just a few decades ago. They score higher on kindergarten readiness tests and on tests that measure their achievement in early grades. Not only is this program a benefit to parents but it is a benefit to the children, of course. Having parents that are involved with their child or children almost guarantees that child or children will be more confident because they know their parent supports them.

Since the “Parents as Teachers” program began in 1981 it has been implemented in more than 3,000 sites and in 50 states as well as other countries. One of the great strengths of this particular program is that parents have the chance to meet and talk with other parents who may be experiencing the same issues as they are. Parental support is so important so being able to talk freely with others is important because they get support and ideas from one another which ultimately helps the entire family.

For more information on this special program call Rim Family Services at (909) 336-1800. The office is located at 28545 Hwy. 18 in Skyforest.




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