Happy Birthday to………………..

balloonsHappy, happy birthday to Tawyna Aberg Miller who celebrates a birthday on October 25. Being sort of a “distant relative” by marriage I hope she has a great day. She deserves it. Also, best wishes to a wonderful man I’ve known for  long time: Todd Wymer who celebrates on the 24. He and my son John were great friends so many years ago as teenagers.

Wonderful friend Ray Rieger celebrates on the 26th. Ray and his wife Bonnie are always remembered by longtime local residents as the founders and owners of Grumpy’s deli and bakery. What a special time that was years ago and it’s one of those businesses that it highly missed in the Running Springs community. Everybody loved Grumpy’s. Happy birthday, Ray.

Lifelong Running Springs resident Jesse Chandler celebrates on October 23. Jesse’s parents have been longtime (and I mean longtime) local residents and Jesse is the proud owner (as he should be) of Jessie’s Helping Hands in Running Springs. He certainly does have the magic touch (as in massage)  and he was one of several local business owners who took part in Mountain Top Days and the Farmer’s Market this year.

Beautiful inside and out, lifelong Lake Arrowhead area resident Cheryl Johnstone Moxley celebrated her birthday on the 21st. Cheryl is really the one responsible for getting local residents interested in forming a chapter of People to People which promotes understanding of different cultures around the world. Cheryl is quite a fabulous lady and I have a lot of respect for her and all the members of this great international organization. She and the other members are probably still recovering from last weekend’s great Kitchen Tour which was sponsored by the local People to People chapter. Much like a home tour this fun annual event allows ticket holders to taste food from the individual countries that are featured on the tour. Cheryl, you are a very special woman!

Last but certainly not least, belated wishes to beautiful Janice Lynn Olsen who celebrated on October 18. What a very special woman she is and I know her family and friends know it too. She has a beautiful heart that matches her beautiful face.

Happy birthday to all these great people!



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