Forest Service Begins “Helicopter Tree Removal” for Part of Big Bear

tree clipartThe U.S. Forest Service, Mountaintop Ranger District will soon be using helicopters as part of a South Big Bear Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project. The project will begin on November 4 and is expected to be completed by November 25, weather and other conditions permitting. The helicopters will be operating south of Highway 18 and south of boulder Bay. Residents and visitors are apt to see helicopters removing trees and slash in areas that are inaccessible by conventional tree removal methods. The logs will be flown to a staging point or landing area.

During the portion of the South Big Bear project, the Castle Rock hiking trail will be closed to all public use and it will re-open once the area is safe for public entry. While this type of logging is very interesting for the public to observe, it could be dangerous to be in the area around the operation site. The public is cautioned and asked to view the operation from a safe, distant vantage point.

“Favorable weather has allowed the work in Big Bear to progress and we will continue the work as long as conditions will allow it,” said District Ranger Marc Stamer. “The work is all part of the continuing effort by the San Bernardino National Forest to reduce fuels around the mountain communities.”

For more information on continuing and planned fuels reduction projects log onto:


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