Celebration of Life Service for Steve Cannata Planned for November 2

beautiful cross with flowersA celebration of life to honor longtime resident Steve Cannata has been planned for November 2 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Robert Hootman Community Center on Running Springs School Road (off Hwy. 18). To everyone’s shock Steve died yesterday. He fought the great fight and although he endured a lot of pain he still had a smile and a welcoming attitude. Oh my gosh, will he be missed!

Steve was such an asset to our local mountain communities and he was respected and loved by so many people. He was one of those incredible people you could count on to help and help he did. He was funny, caring and I know his family and friends will miss him terribly. As a longtime member of the Arrowbear Lions Club Steve was active for many years and his death will leave a void in the organization and in the lives of his friends and family.

The family is requesting that friends take pictures of Steve so they can b e added to a memory wall. They are also asking his friends to “wear something with camouflage” on your attire because he loved nature so much.

A lunch will be catered by Blondie’s Restaurant in Arrowbear so please plan to attend and honor this man who was such a part of our communities.



2 thoughts on “Celebration of Life Service for Steve Cannata Planned for November 2

  1. Jackie Jacques

    Hi Joan,
    I left a link to this page on ROTW, I hope you don’t mind. I love what you had to say. I never did meet him but I’ve known Pammie for some time now. I was asked to post on ROTW the announcement and I found your story and thought I should add the link.


  2. Teri Hunt

    Thank you Joanie for such great words. Was wondering this morning if someone had gotten a hold of you. Should have known you would be right on it.

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