Women! Interested in Business Blogging? Here’s a Helping Hand from Women!

hands reaching outIf you’re a woman interested in starting a business blog online but don’t know how in the world to even start you need to register for an upcoming series of workshops offered by the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center.

This workshop will be held Wednesdays November 5, 12 and 19 from 10 am. to noon at the Corona Innovation Center at 815 W. Sixth Street, Suite 145 in Corona. The charge for the three workshops is $60.

Blogging will allow participants to learn how to provide valuable content that will help get them established as a business professional. The same content can be shared, indexed and referenced to help generate needed traffic to their website. The knowledge gathered at this series of workshops will also help women a bring in leads and sales long after the original post is online.

This workshop series will be most useful to business owners who are new to blogging. As part of the program a WordPress blog. Homework will be assigned each week and participants will be asked to write a blog post prior to the first day of class. All of the blog posts will be critiqued as to the blog format, not the content.

The three-week class will highlight what a blog is and why it’s important to women’s businesses. As part of the series women will learn how to write for readers as well as for the search engines; different types of blog posts; the importance of titles,headings, categories, tags and keywords: how to format a blog post for each reading; and how you can promote your blog to the rest of the world.

The Inland Empire Women’s Business Center is partially funded by the County of San Bernardino and this agency sponsors many outstanding events throughout the year for new or already experienced business women in the Inland Empire.

The registration deadline for this event is November 15. Space is limited so if you’re interested in expanding your blogging horizons be sure to contact by calling (909) 890-1242 or send a FAX to 5757-4343.






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