Got Shoes? Consider Yourself Lucky!

Every day when you get out of bed and put on shoes you don’t think anything about it because 99.99 percent of Americans have shoes and if they don’t they have access to shoes. From the time we’re a toddler to the time we’re buried we wear shoes. It’s one of those things that a “given.”

However, shoes are not a “given” if you live  in a developing country. Oftentimes shoes are a luxury in countries where poverty or low incomes are “the norm.”

If you have shoes you’re not wearing, whether they’re heels, athletic shoes, flip-flops or any other type of shoes that you’re not wearing please help the St. Richard of Chichester Episcopal Church and take them to the church. Parishoners are having a shoe collection which will end December 1.

Shoe drop-off locations are  available across from the mountain; from Crestline to Running Springs. All kinds of gently-used shoes are welcome so please participate. The goal of this important project is to reach 1,000 pairs of shoes. Remember, if you don’t have shoes that “could use” donating there are wonderful thrift stores in the local communities that have “used shoes” so consider investigating them. For instance, the Golden Oaks Thrift Store on Hilltop Blvd. (near Jensen’s Minute Mart) always has great used (and sometimes new) shoes.

Drop off points include: First Mountain Bank, 2626 Whispering Pines Drive, Running Springs; Arthur’s Interiors at 27215NA. Hwy., 189 in Blue Jay; California Bank and trust at 23840 Lake Drive in Crestline and California Bank and Trust at 28200 hwy, 189 Suite K-10 (near Stater Bros.), lake Arrowhead Pilates  on Studio, 28200 Hwy., 189 in the lower village near the Lake Arrowhead School of Dance.

For information on this important shoes collection event call the Rev. Shelley Denney at (909) 377-3889 or Joyce Garrison at (909) 867-2346.



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