Hazzar! Renaissance Holiday Evening for Historical Society Members and Guests

Renaissance woman readingHazzar! Attention merry men and maids, you are invited to partake of a lavish four-course dinner, Renaissance music and all the fun that Henry VIII would have enjoyed had he be alive all these many years later since the time of the Renaissance.

The fun will be held for the lads and lassies of the Rim of the World Historical  Society and they and their guests will enjoy a fun and exciting event on Thursday, Dec. 4 at the beautiful UCLA Conference Center. The fun will begin at 5:30 p.m. Only credit and debit card reservations for the $65 per person Renaissance-era event will be accepted. Wear a costume if you’ve got one so you can really feel like you’re back in the time of the Renaissance. Just be a “tad” careful because you wouldn’t want to meet Henry VIII anywhere as I understand he was a tad difficult. If you do see him, be sure and call me because that would be a great interview!

This fun event is a fundraiser for the  historical (not hysterical) society. If  you’re interested in English and French history you’ll love this event. Even if you hate English and French history you’ll love this event, especially if you show up in your “best” Renaissance clothes. If you don’t have Renaissance clothes you’ll still have a wonderful time.

For a fun evening pretend you’re King Henry VIII or Francis king of France, but remember there’s no fighting allowed as all the disagreements the two countries had in the 1500s  have long passed.



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