Important “Start Smart” Driving Program for Teens and New Drivers at CHP Office in Running Springs

carDon’t forget if you have teens that will be driving soon you want to enroll them in the free “Start Smart Program” at our local CHP office in Running Springs.

On Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 6 p.m. the California Highway patrol (CHP) will present a Start Smart Class at the Arrowhead CHP office in Running Springs. The office is located next to the Running Springs Water District office on Hilltop Blvd. (Hwy. 18). The address is 31230 State Route 18 (AKA Hwy. 18).

The class is free but parents and new drivers who attend need to RSVP with Officer Quintero by November 25. To register or for more information call (909) 867-2791.

Statistics show that over 65,000 teens have died in car crashes in the last decade and personally speaking, while it isn’t mandatory for “soon to be” drivers to take the program, it should be.

This cooperative effort between the CHP, teenagers and their parents or guardians could be a lifesaver. The goal of this special class is to help young drivers and their parents understand the responsibilities associated with driving a motor vehicle. The class will also show how poor choices behind the wheel can change the lives of everyone involved. The whole idea for this program is to reduce the number of teen-related injuries and deaths due to collisions.

Remember, space is limited to the first 25 students and parents but additional classes will be scheduled, as needed.

This program is a unique opportunity for soon-to-be drivers and for their parents as well (who are the ones that stay up all night once their children are behind the wheel without them!)

Take advantage of the training the local CHP officers are offering. It could ultimately mean the difference between life and death because a vehicle is, in some ways, a lethal weapon that if not used properly can be a real killer. Just ask anyone who has lost a loved one in an accident. While no one means for fatal accidents to occur, they do, so teens and parents can help themselves as well as all the other drivers on the road, if they attend this great free class before getting behind the wheel.





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