St. Richard’s Church Philanthropic Shoe Collection Closes Dec. 1

shoesThanks to the generosity of so many mountain residents over 800 pair of “gently used” shoes have been donated to the St. Richard of Chichester Episcopal Church for the campaign to help people in  countries who may be in need of shoes. The project ends soon so if you have shoes in good condition that you have outgrown, simply can’t stand, have been given to you but are too small or too large, donate them to people in countries where shoes can often be considered a luxury.

Parishioners at the Skyforest-based church have been collecting shoes for people in developing countries that may need help. The church members hope to reach their goal of providing 1,000 pairs of shoes to adults and/or children in need. Thusfar, over 800 pairs of shoes have been generously donated by residents and visitors who have heard about the collection. parishioners are thrilled with the response to this philanthropic project and hope that before the Dec. 1 deadline that additional shoes will be donated so the church members can reach their goal of collecting 1,000 pairs of shoes to help those in need.

Donation sites include: First Mountain Bank in Running Springs, California Bank and Trust in Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead Pilates Studio, Arthur’s Interiors in Blue Jay and California Bank and Trust in Crestline.






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