Happy Birthday, My Daughter, Amanda Aberg

balloonsHappy birthday to my wonderful daughter, Amanda Aberg, who celebrates her birthday today, November 27. Depending on the calendar her birthday can actually be on a different day but her birthday is always on the 27th. This year her “big day” falls on Thanksgiving itself.

I am thankful for her in my life and she has been such a wonderful daughter. I know she will have a great Thanksgiving and birthday as she will be with family and friends and I will get to share this day with her and her family and extended family.

She has been a joy in my life and continues to be. Aren’t I lucky! I guess I liked having my babies on or near holidays. Her brother John was born on April 1, April Fool’s Day, which is a perfect date for him.

I hope Amanda has a wonderful birthday today and has special ones the rest of her life.


One thought on “Happy Birthday, My Daughter, Amanda Aberg

  1. laurie loest

    Happy Birthday Amanda, Sorry Im late hope you had a beautiful day filled with lots of love. You are such a beautiful person and I want to wish you a year filled with lots of happy times and new dreams. Blessings, Laurie Loest

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