1987:The Glory of Old Photographs: Running Springs Elementary School Honorees

R.S. Elementary School Honorees photo 008Thank goodness Kodak developed cameras or where in the world would we be today? Today I came upon a photo that was taken at an event at Running Springs Elementary School (now Charles Hoffman Elementary) waaaaaayyyyyy back in (probably) 1987 or 1988. It’s a great photo of 10 people (including me) who were honored by the PTA as honorary lifetime PTA members.

The 10 people include: Longtime teacher and (to be) CHE Principal Jim Sims, Soccer’s “Mother” Sandy Caplinger, wonderful longtime school board member  Jack Duckworth, Ella Burmeister (who by that point was a legend in the community and for cooking up culinary delights for the students), longtime employee and custodian Gene Coombs, Donna Hubbard *who served on the PTA forever and was president at one point), longtime school board member Carol Banner,  school Principal Chuck Hoffman, me (Joan Moseley) and longtime R.S. Elementary School teacher Donna Brittain. I had my newspaper in Running Springs during the 1980s,1990s and early 2000’s and practically “slept” at the school to take photos and promote our teachers, the PTA and the staff. Today, sadly, the schools have changed due to restrictions on taking photographs and children so I no longer have the privilege and the right to take photos (randomly or otherwise) in the same way. It’s a reflection of today’s society where parents can kidnap their children, etc. so posting or printing photos of children can only be done for parents who have signed a release. It’s a sign of the times but it does make me sad as I always loved being on the small school campus that is such a part of our small Green Valley, Running Springs and Arrowbear Lake  communities.

This long-ago photo is a treasure of people who loved, supported, coddled (or all of the above) our wonderful little elementary school and school district many years ago and I was so proud to be part of that group.


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