Hearts and Lives Receives $15,000 Award from San Manuel

Hearts and Lives is happy to announce that they have received a $15,000 grant from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. The funds will be used to support the Food Stabilization Program offered by the agency that is based in Crestline. The grant funds will be used to purchase food and to increase the agency’s capacity to reduce food insecurity for families in need in the Rim mountain communities.

“The timing of the funds is very opportune as we move into the holiday season and they will be put to use immediately,”said Hearts and Lives Executive Director Dave Stuart. ” Hearts and Lives truly appreciates the tribes’ ongoing support for the organization and the community,” he added.

Since ancient times the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians have expressed themselves through a culture of giving and incorporating their native Serrano culture with the concept of “Yawa” which means “to act on one’s beliefs.” They have drawn upon their history, knowledge, expertise and cultural values to direct philanthropic giving in the local region, as well as to native American causes nationwide,” said Stuart.

For more information about Hearts and Lives visit: http://www.heartsandlives.org or call  (909) 338-3222. The agency is located at 24028 Lake Drive in Crestline but they are an integral part of all the local mountain communities, from Crestline to Green Valley Lake.


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