Thank You Generous Mountain Residents!

shoesMountain people are very special. In fact, “off the mountain” people are also special and the members of the St. Richard of Chichester Episcopal Church in Skyforest want to thank everyone who donated shoes to the congregation’s shoe collection. The goal was to collect 1,000 pairs of shoes but thanks to generous donors over 1,300 pairs were collected. All of the shoes are being donated to people in “third world, emerging countries” who desperately need shoes but often can’t afford them.

Thank  you to all the residents who participated in this uplifting program and the parishioners are more than thrilled that so many shoes were donated. Because we live in America where most people have at least the necessities of life we generally do not give a lot of thought about objects like shoes. They are simply part of our lives, from the time we’re tiny children until the day we die. But, as we have discovered. in many areas shoes may be a necessity but they could be considered a luxury. The shoe donations from so many people speak so loudly to the cause and to the goodness of people.

A big “thank you” to the businesses in the local communities  where people could drop off the shoes. Having collection points in the major communities certainly helped a lot!



3 thoughts on “Thank You Generous Mountain Residents!

  1. Bonnie Rieger

    Dear Joan, from the very beginning of your dream to have some kind of “BLOG” on the Internet and to what you have created gives me chills! I’m so proud of you dear friend, you did it and so much more! I love to see and hear what’s happening on the mountain and your e-news is filled with something for everyone. I miss my friends on the mountain but thanks to you I feel I’m still just a small part of mountain life.
    Congratulations and have a wonderful Holiday Season with family and friends.
    Hugs always, Bonnie

    1. Thank you, dear you. I love what I do and I love having the freedom to say what I want and how I want to say it. I am so fortunate. Let me know when you’re in the desert. I’d love to visit again. What a special friend you are…always have been, always will be!

      Much love,


    2. Dearest you. You will always be part of Running Springs as you were a permanent “fixture” in the community. I hope you and Ray have a wonderful Christmas. This year is kind of complicated for me and it just got more complicated. I have stitches in my left leg from a bad accident I had. It’s too complicated to explain but it’s on my shin. I had a lot of stitches in it so it’s healing. I’m supposed to get the stitches out in a few days so hopefully that will work out. It’s been cold up here (especially since it is December…uh duh!). We had about a foot or a little more of snow several days ago but it’s melted. Last winter, for the entire winter, we had about two inches of snow so we’ll take all we can get this year.

      Soroptimist continues to do well. I need to be more involved with them but I am so swamped as it is I really don’t have the time to support them like I would like to.

      I’ll write soon. Stay warm down there. Can I come down this winter?

      Sending my love and wishes for your whole family.

      Much love, Joan

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