Arrowhead Arts Association Receives $40,000 Grant from Ahmanson Foundation

Several of the Arrowhead Arts Association strings program will perform holiday favorites Dec. 12 at MPH Intermediate School.
Several of the Arrowhead Arts Association strings program will perform holiday favorites Dec. 12 at MPH Intermediate School.

If you can hear any of the members of the Arrowhead Arts Association and you’re wondering why they’re celebrating, it has nothing to do with Santa Claus and instead it has everything to do with the Ahmanson Foundation.

The cause for celebration? This wonderful group of dedicated mountain residents focuses on bring music to the mountains but those event take money. Thanks to the Ahmanson Foundation, the Arrowhead Arts Association has just received the news that they are receiving a $40,000 grant that will be used to finance the magnificent annual Fall Music Festival program that first began in 1986. Throughout all these years this particular uplifting concert has drawn huge audiences that fill the pews in the beautiful setting at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Crest Park.

The funds will provide the concerts for the next two years and  it will enable them to continue to bring a major symphony to the magnificent venue near Lake Arrowhead. From the very first performance so many years ago this classical music event has featured the San Bernardino Symphony, the Redlands Symphony and other symphony orchestras. With the beautiful church and breathtaking views outside the soaring windows the classical music offered each year is the perfect setting for what, to most people, is a spiritually uplifting concert each year.

Arrowhead Arts founding member, Pat Welsh, announced the Ahmanson Foundation grant at this year’s Fall Music Festival which was held on September 21. The announcement brought great excitement throughout the crowd and it also brought long, extended applause. As a music lover and Arrowhead Arts Association member Welsh was the guest conductor fo the Star Spangled Banner that led off the wonderful concert by the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra.

Thanks to this recent generous grant, the Arrowhead Arts Association will be able to have this outstanding symphony orchestra return. Be sure to mark September 20, 2015 on your new calendar for the 2015 concert at Our Lady of the Lake. It truly is a remarkable event and one that is uplifting and always musically absolutely breathtaking.

In the meantime everyone is invited to attend the “Frosty Fiddles” performance which will be presented December 12 at 6 p.m. in the Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School auditorium. The  students in the Arrowhead Arts Association sponsored strings program will perform holiday favorites. It’s always a great event so be sure to add it to you holiday calendar. These musicians played in the lobby of the high school when the recent outstanding productions of The Nutcracker were held. Trust me, if you closed your eyes and just listened you would never believe these students are teenagers but through the support of the Arrowhead Arts Association they have become wonderful, talented musicians. They’re fabulous!





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