County Schools and Partners Make the Holiday Great for 145 Students

If you can read this post without being moved I’ll be surprised and a tad shocked because it is a wonderful holiday story.

614Did you know that each year the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools holds a wonderful holiday event for students whose families need a little cheer this season? This year 145 students throughout the county’s school system benefited from the generosity of the superintendent’s office as well as many donors who helped make this annual event such a success.

A special program entitled “Children Deserve Success” held its ninth annual holiday celebration on December 11. One hundred-forty-five students from throughout the county met at the First Presbyterian Church where they were greeted by Santa and Mrs. Clause. This event was made possible through sponsor donations as well as adoptions of children for gifts donated by the staff of the San Bernardino County Schools.

“Our generous sponsors and staff made dreams come true for all the children who attended this holiday celebration,” said Brenda Dowdy, Homeless Education specialist for the county schools. Parents and family appreciated the support they received from the holiday celebration. “It was the greatest party I’ve even been to,” said Mia, a student from  San Bernardino who wrote a thank you note for the event. “I promise that one day I will pay you guys for everything you have done.” (I have no doubt that she will, too!)

Families also appreciate this special holiday event. “I am truly blessed to be part of this great event,” said Qiana Burnett, whose four children took part in the holiday celebration.” My children are so happy to receive gifts this year,” she added.

The event received tremendous support from community sponsors and the county schools superintendent’s office as well. The sponsors included: Children’s Fund; Elks Lodge No. 836; First Presbyterian Church in Highland; Highland Congregation Church; Home Depot; Kiwanis of Highland; Kohl’s; Panera Bread; Patty Cakes and Party Supplies: County School’s Child Assistance Fund; County Schools employees; the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians as well as Target.

Did you know that according to information available through the federal Vento-McKinney Act that San Bernardino County has more than 35,700 students who are homeless? In an effort to help these students and their families the county school’s “Children Deserve Success” program provides support and services to students, their families and districts throughout the county.




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