Arrowbear Water District Schedules Public Hearing on Proposed Rate Increases

water foset.jpgThe board of directors of the Arrowbear Park County Water District will hold a public hearing on December 18 regarding the district’s proposed rate increases for water and sewer. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the district office which is located at 2365 Fir Drive in Arrowbear Lake. The office is located very close to the lake.

If the board of directors approves the water and sewer rate increases they will rise $3 per month (for each service) for the 2014-15,  2016-18-17 and 2018-19 fiscal years. If approved homeowners would be billed for the upgrades through the January 2019 billing periods. As an example customers who are currently using up to 66 cubic feet of water are paying $21.50 per month.

In a recent interview with the district’s general manager he said the reason for the proposed increases is that the district needs the funds in order to replace old pipes and other underground infrastructure as well as to maintain and continues to deteriorate.

Currently customers with zero to 600 cubic feet of water (4,488 gallons a month) pay $21.50 as a base water usage fee. If the board of directors approves the increases the proposed rate for the 2015 year would be $24.50 for the same amount of water that would result in a $3 per month increase. The monthly sewer rate would also increase by $3. If the board of directors approves the water and sewer increases the rates will rise $3 each every two years through January 2019.

According to the district manager,Norman Hunt  the reason the rates need to be raised is to help pay for repairs and upgrades to the current systems.  Additionally, the funds will help pay for infrastructure replacement and the everyday operating expenses the district faces.

Customers may protest the proposed rate increases can protest the rate increases but they must be in writing and be at the district office by ? Protests may be mailed or personally delivered to the district office at P.O. Box 4045 or taken to 2365 Fir Drive in Arrowbear.

All protests must be at the district office before the December 18 public hearing is closed. If written protests are received on behalf of a majority of the affected properties the rate changes will not go into effect.

The district office is located at 2365 Fir Drive. For more information contact the water district office at (909) 867-2704.




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