A Magnificent Strauss Performance from Vienna! Happy New Year All!

Women's Health Faire July 14 at Mountains Community Hospital! This is an open letter to the members of the Arrowhead Arts Association but you, my readers, are welcome to read it as well.

I have just finished conducting the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and I allowed the incredible maestro Zubin Mehta to conduct along with me. Well, that happened in a dream but each Christmas season I never, ever miss the spectacular PBS special “New Year’s from Vienna.” As I stood there just now “conducting the orchestra” with my hands it brought back so many incredible memories and many of those involve performances sponsored by the Arrowhead Arts Association. What an extraordinary group of local residents in this organization that truly does “bring music to the mountains” in so many different ways.

Thoughts leapt out of my mind while watching the special Vienna program and they took me back to when I was 19-years-old in Europe with my mother and sisters. Having been to Vienna so many decades ago, and having attended a magnificent concert in that very building I never, ever miss this New Year’s event from that beautiful, historic city. That televised event makes my soul take flight and between the music and the dancing and the scenery and the shots of beautiful Vienna it is a thrilling experience even though I”m only standing in my living room.

My sisters, my mother and I attended a concert in this historic hall so many years ago when we went to Europe in 1965 for what turned out to be a seven month trip. We attended a concert in the same building where this annual New Year’s Day concert is filmed so each year I remember back, so many years ago, and I thrill at the memories I had of “just being there.”

In addition to the orchestra that plays Johann Strauss’s  lyrical “Blue Danube Waltz”  ballet dancers accompany some of the music and throughout the program there are, of course, shots of beautiful Vienna and the Danube river that is an integral part of that city.

Happy New Year everyone! Take some time to think back to experiences in your life that have changed your character, your thoughts, your loves and your life. It’s New Year’s Day….the start of a new year that holds promise and also can mean sadness as well. Look for the good, it’s there is you seek it!

New Year’s Day is a special day and while it is actually just like any other day it offers everyone all over the earth the hope of a good year, time with good friends, a healthy year filled with love and friendship and the hope that the new year will be better than the one left behind.

Happy New Year to all of you! I cannot see you but I am thinking of you. Thank you for supporting me with this blog. It is a joy for me to write so I am so grateful it is a joy for many of you to read.

Celebrate the new year. It is upon us. Take time to do the things you love. For me, one of the things I love is this annual New Year’s Day performance and the opportunity to dance around my small living room and pretend I’m on the stage at their magnificent hall.

Happy New Year everyone!



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