Keep a “Dribble” in Your Pipes!

water foset.jpgI decided to give this short but important story a catchy title so I thought the “Dribble” might help. It’s been years since I’ve lived up here in our mountains fulltime but with this probably record-breaking (at least record-breaking for many years) cold weather I forgot to let a small trickle of hot water flow through the pipes. Fortunately my pipes didn’t burst but I know that several homes do have frozen and burst pipes.

If you keep just a trickle (not a river) of hot water traveling consistently through the pipes keeping them from freezing and then, oftentimes, bursting. The additional cost to the water company for the “trickle” is nothing compared to paying a plumber to come and fix the problem. That is, IF you can get a plumber out within a reasonable time because they’re so busy! If you know where the problem is and if you have one, I used to take a hair dryer and move it up and down the frozen pipe and it often helped to start the water flowing again. I stole the idea from my sister who lives in Alaska. If you can reach the site and you have patience and can read a good book or watch a good movie all while blasting the frozen pipe with the heat from the hair dryer you may be able to fix the problem and get the water flowing again. If you can’t get the plumber out there or you don’t want to wait, you might try this absolutely home-made, don’t know if it will work, method. It can’t hurt….anyway I don’t think it can hurt!

I hope all of you who are having a PP (Pipe Problem) get help. It one of those awful experiences you never forget! Just remember the Brylcream commercial that had the slogan, “A little dab’ll do ya!”

Good luck, everyone. Stay warm and if you can, stay home, until this arctic wind slows down or stops.

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