Ever Thought About Writing a Book But Don’t How to Start? Help is On the Way!

typewriterAre you a frustrated author? Have you always wanted to write a book don’t know how to even begin the process? Have you been yearning about getting your thoughts on paper and compiled into a book? If so, this is your year because help is available…..right here in Arrowbear Lake….just a hop, skip and a jump from Running Springs, Big Bear, Green Valley Lake and around the world because it’s all done via conference calls.

Wonderful, funny, talented writer Pat Matson is working with another talented author,  Jamie L. Saloff to offer the three sessions.

Enough with the excuses. This is a wonderful opportunity for prospective authors and “author wanna-bees.” Think you can’t write a book? Think again because with the help this three-part course you’ll be well on your way, even if it’s just for your own enjoyment. And, who knows? You might have a best-seller sitting right there in your own mind.

Those of you who will read this should give this some real thought because if you’re reading it seriously there’s something calling you to this particular blog post.

Let 2015 be the year you do something about what you’ve been dreaming or thinking about for so long. The three-session course, entitled “Jump Start Your Book: More Gigs, Clients and Profits” will teach participants the essential steps and how to get help with strategic planning (among other things).  Participants will  finally put pen to paper (or fingers to your computer) and get started on something they are really being called to do or they wouldn’t be interested in the first place.

The first class will begin on Saturday, January 10 at 12 noon (eastern time) which is 9 a.m. Pacific Standard time. All three workshops will begin at the same time. The other  two courses will be held January 17 and 24. By the end of January participants will have the skills they will undoubtedly need for writing and publishing their book iTHIS YEAR. Each class will last 90 minutes and Pat and Jamie have chosen Saturdays because many people are available on the weekends. Pat and Jamie say to put your feet up, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the course in your own home.

While taking the first step to writing a book may be a little scary  it can also be extremely exciting. Just think, you won’t be making excuses about why you haven’t written that book even though everyone’s been telling you that you should. Participants will learn about promoting themselves and how to turn their fantasies of success into realities. Taking that first step will lead to the other steps and, through their help, participants will be able to move more confidently from step to step.

The facilitators of this great venture are Arrowbear resident (and very talented writer) Pat Matson and Jamie Saloff. Pat has been a “wisdom hound” for over 60 years and she gravitated toward writing while she was in grade school. Pat is a talented author with a wonderful sense of humor and love of life. Her personality is quietly woven into her books, articles, websites and blog posts. She truly is a wonderful woman with an engaging laugh and love of life. Her partner in this venture, Jamie Saloff,  is a book designer and self-publishing specialist who has helped countless authors publish profitable books and she helps her clients avoid common publishing pitfalls. This talented Dale Carnegie Training graduate is multi-talented. Among other things she writes motivational, self-improvement books about achieving your deepest heart’s desires as well as self-improvement books. The course was specifically designed to provide participants with enough tools for authors to accomplish the book by yourself and they are going to provide other ways to get that book “to market” for participants. Throughout the three Saturday sessions  “students” will receive free documents, information on the various aspects of publishing a book and lots of enthusiastic advice.

This talented duo of writers can help if you aren’t up to going through the process “alone.” If participants  don’t want to write their book themselves Pat can help and if they don’t want to go down the publishing road alone then Jamie can help. The combination of these women’s talents and strengths is bound to help any new, or for that matter, old writers who want to put pen to paper or in these days put fingers to computer.

For more information on this potentially “life changing” course log onto: http://www.patswritemind.com/jumpstart-your-book/ The information for all you need about this course will be sent and you’ll be on your way!

The charge for all three classes is only $37 (yes, you read that correctly) and participants can pay by logging onto the Pay Pal link and click on “Buy Now.”

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