Good News! Over a Dozen Bald Eagles Seen in southern California

Bald eagleThe u.S. Forest Service is thrilled to announce that during the recent January 10 “bald eagle count” a total of 13 bald eagles were observed at six different lakes in Southern California’s Inland Empire, including the mountain communities.

The second eagle count of the winter was conducted by local, federal and state biologists and volunteer citizen biologists around several lakes in southern California. A number of bald eagles migrates to southern California to spend their winter vacations around southern California’s lakes. They might to these areas because their prey (fish and ducks) are no longer available to them in the cold northern regions as ice covers the lakes and rivers.

A total of 13 bald eagles were observed at six different lakes in the Inland Empire and local mountains. At Lake Perris one adult eagle was sighted; at Lake Silverwood two adults and two juveniles bald eagles were seen; at Lake Gregory one bald eagle was sighted,there were two adult eagles sighted in Lake Arrowhead, two were spotted at Lake Hemet and at Big Bear Lake two adults and one juvenile eagles were spotted. Juvenile bald eagles are the same size as the adults but they are more similar to golden eagles in appearance and they do not acquire the white head and tail until they are about four to five years of age.

Over 100 volunteers and agency staff participated in the eagle search and most of the observers were lucky enough to see at least one bald eagle. The count coordinators from the Forest Service and the State Recreation Areas thank the volunteers for their dedication in getting up early and participating in the eagle census. The success of this event is entirely dependent on the volunteers!

The remaining bald eagle counts for this winter are scheduled for February 14 and March 14. No experiences is needing and signing up ahead of time isn’t required. Just show up at he designated times and location, dress warmly and take binoculars and a watch.

There are counts at the Forest Service Big Bear Discovery Center on North Shore Drive.Call (909) 382-2790 for dates and times in the Big Bear area.

It has to be quite an experience…just think, you can tell your grandchildren about when you got up early in the cold weather, took your binoculars and spent a few hours looking for bald eagles. They will either think that was really cool or that you temporarily lost your mind.

I think it sounds exciting and something quite unusual! I remember many years ago when I stayed overnight in the beautiful Lake Arrowhead Resort there was a bald eagle nest in a tall tree right outside the resort. It was thrilling when I saw a large eagle fly down and sit in that nest. It was huge and beautiful. I’ve never forgotten that experience even though it was over 20 years ago.

Want something to tell the grandchildren you did one cold winter morning? Call and sign up to count bald eagles.







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