Happy Birthday to a Great Former R.S. Elementary School Teacher

Thumbs up to you, Larry Horton!
Thumbs up to you, Larry Horton!

You know, there’s a special place in heaven for teachers. We’ve all had teachers that we loved and we’ve had teachers that we didn’t love for some reason. Since the advent of Facebook and the ability to wish people a happy birthday, anniversary, to welcome a new baby, etc. it has opened the world in many ways.

Sooooooo, that being said I hope that longtime Running Springs Elementary School teacher Larry Horton had a great birthday just a couple of days ago. Facebook was filled with greetings from former students and none of the messages told him anywhere to go (so to speak). The messages were filled with love, gratitude and appreciation from many of his students whose lives he enriched. Although the elementary school was renamed Charles Hoffman Elementary School after longtime principal Chuck Hoffman died to many who attended several decades ago, while they may have loved Chuck Hoffman, it will always be Running Springs Elementary School to them.

I hope Larry reads every one of his Facebook messages because, all these years later, it has to be a great feeling to know that his dedication and years of teaching elementary students has made the world a better place and his efforts are far from forgotten.




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