Unusual, but Probably Fascinating, Local “True Detective” Presentation in Crestline

While we all love to enjoy the tranquility of the local mountains throughout the decades there have been occasional brutal events that most people don’t know anything about that have taken place “right in our backyard.” Local historian Russ Keller isn’t one of those because on February 5 he will present what should prove to be a fascinating, albeit awful, discussion entitled “Murders With a Crestline Connection.”

This free event is sponsored by the Rim of the World Historical Society and it will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, February 5.

The longtime, local historian will discuss this fascinating but also grizzly issue at this local event that fittingly will be held in Crestline. According to the historical society throughout the decades several murders have been located in the area or they are somehow connected to the  area so Keller is quite an authority on this subject.

The presentation will be held at Leisure Shores Senior Center on the shore of Lake Gregory by the beautiful green ballfields. The address is 24658 San Moritz Drive.

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