Know a Vet with Post Traumatic Stress Issues? Calvary Chapel Showing “Taking the Hill” Movie!

Salute Our Veterans on Monday, Nov.   at noon at the monument at the terminus of Hwy. 330 and Hilltop Blvd. in "downtown" Running Springs.

Taking the Hill,” a documentary featuring a warrior’s journey home will be shown at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Twin Peaks at 7 p.m. on February 11. This movie could prove to be a life-changing situation for veterans who are suffering with guilt, stress, nightmares and other results of being in war zones. Those of us who have never been in such horrible circumstances often cannot comprehend, realistically, what men (and perhaps now women) carry with them even though they may be “home.” The horrible memories of being in a war zone often never leave and it has to take a tremendous emotional, and often physical toll on the veteran and his or her family.

Veterans and the “family of veterans” battling post traumatic stress disorder do not have to face this battle alone and everyone is invited to view this quite unbelievable movie. The program is free because “veterans have already paid their price.” Veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome do not have to face this battle alone and attending this event may be the first step.

Calvary Chapel Conference Center is located at 26409 Hwy. 189 in Twin Peaks. Parking is free and everyone is invited to attend this special event which is sponsored by the “Frontsight Ministry.” Parking is free!




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