Mountain Singles Upcoming Events! Meet Some Great New Friends!

Are you single? Want to meet other “singles?” If so, do you know about the Mountain Singles Club? If you don’t……………….now you do! EAch month they have a variety of events and they can get very creative with their events so if you’re looking for new friends who like to get together you might consider joining them if you’re single and want to make some new friends.

This week’s events will include dinner on Wednesday night at Tony’s Kitchen in Crestline. Delicious Mexican food is one the menu. Ole!. They are expecting everyone at 6 p.m. and there’s seating for 16 people. Don’t be late or you might have to sit on the floor to eat your dinner if there’s not enough room at the table. (Not really!)

Friday at 6 p.m. will be Game Night at Don’s home. One of the fabulous members is cooking pizza.

Last but certainly not least, join the group for Oscar Night. Got a candidate film in mind for Best Picture? Find out who takes home what and what movies are deemed the best of 2015. Meet at Don’s house at 5 p.m. and get set for the Oscar celebration that begins at 5:30 p.m. No tuxedos or elegant gowns are required. This, too, will be a potluck and the food will be set up all evening.

All these events are open to men and women who are single and would like to make new friends who are also single.

For more information on the group and all the fun they have send an e-mail to:





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