Annual Crestline Duck Derby April 4-Come and Watch and Laugh a Lot!

rubber_duckieEvery parent and preschool teacher probably knows all the words to the great children’s song about a “rubber ducky and with that in mind, the 2015 Duck Derby in Crestline is almost here.

This hilarious event is in its seventh year and it’s great fun. Located on the south shore of Lake Gregory the fun starts at 10 a .m. on April 4.  The day will include vendors, food, games and crafts and while all that is going on the Mountain Boys and Girls Club will hold egg hunts for children 12-years-old and younger.

At 1 p.m. the big race begins! This hilarious event for everyone, but especially f or those who have adopted a duck will gather near the south shore beach to watch as around 2,500 plastic ducks shoot down the water slides and then into the lake. The first three ducks to cross the finish line will earn cash prizes for their “owners” AKA their ticket holders who have the corresponding numbers.

This year organizers will have a cash prize for the “lame duck” which is, of course, the last duck to the finish line!

Duck tickets can be purchase by logging onto the chamber’s website at:

Come out and enjoy this hilarious event. Thanks to the generosity of the following sponsors this fun event is free: Mike Hill Enterprises, the Lake Gregory Recreation Company, Goodwin’s Market, Cooki Cook, Lake Gregory Coffee House, Rim Bowling and Entertainment and Victorville Motors.



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