St. Richard’s Episcopal Church Welcoming Penny Shubnell as Guest Speaker

Penny Shubnall with the award she received from Congressman Paul Cook last year.
Penny Shubnall with an award she received from Congressman Paul Cook last year.

The congregation of St. Richard’s Episcopal Church in Skyforest happily invites the community to attend a special event that will feature one of the mountains’ most beloved and respected women. Longtime resident, Penny Shubnell will be the guest speaker on Sunday, Feb. 22.

Penny is the president of the Rim Communities Resource Network and she is, and always had been. a dedicated  advocate for senior citizens. Penny has been  a member of the Senior Affairs Commission for San Bernardino County since she was appointed in 2007. “Senior” issues aren’t the only issues she tackles as she has been an advocate for the mountains she loves for many, many years and in many, many ways.

About two years ago Penny was honored by Congressman Paul Cook for her work and commitment in the mountain communities. She has given much of her long life to supporting others and as  longtime mountain resident she is one of those special people who still works diligently to make the mountain communities a better place to live.

Penny will lead a “table conversation” at the 8 a.m. coffee hour. She will address the congregation more formally after the 10 a.m. service, also during the coffee hour. Penny is the keynote “kick-off” speaker for the church Lenten focus this year, which is “Seniors: God Love ‘Em!”

Thanks to the church’s outreach committee, each week parishoners will learn about some aspects of the local senior community including the problem of seniors on “our” mountain who are living in poverty. This special series will help the community understand their neighbor’s needs and it will culminate in “Rebuilding Together Day” on April 25. St. Richard’s is sponsoring a house  at this annual mountain “neighbor helping neighbor” community event.

St. Richard’s Episcopal Church is located on Hwy. 18 in Skyforest, close to the Kuffel Canyon turnoff.

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend this important event to learn more about how we can help and support “our” local seniors who may be embarrassed or too shy to talk to their friends and neighbors about their issues.




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