Running Springs Chamber Mixer at Snow Valley…..Big Success!

Snow Valley MixerMembers and guests of the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce had a great time at the mixer that was held at Snow Valley Mountain Resort. The pizza dinner was held in WR’s, a delightful room that was added to Snow Valley several years ago. It’s a cozy room and is great for small to medium events. The event was a big success (as the noise level, filled with laughter and great talk, could attest to the fun everyone had!)  It was especially nice to see new area CHP Commander Tyler at the event. He is really a great guy and an asset to our communities.

It was great to see so many members and guests attend. With the famous ski area closing in just a week or so it was time to glance around at the beautiful mountain surroundings with snow still on the runs, but not for long as the longtime ski resort will be closing up for the year next weekend.

Thank you to the chamber’s ultra-supportive president and supporter Kevin Somes who is the general manager at the site. Kevin goes far beyond the call of duty in promoting “our” local areas and that includes Running Springs, Arrowbear Lake and Green Valley Lake. He has been such an asset to the chamber of commerce and with his “ties” to Snow Valley it has become such a “win-win” situation for everyone.




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