New Snow at Snow Valley: Come on Up!

snow-valley-snow-006Well, just when you think skiing if over for the year Mother Nature (or the laughing snow gods) dumped seven to nine inches of new snow on the slopes and guess what, it continued to snow but today it’s glorious weather and the snow is beautiful!

Mother Nature certainly has a funny sense of humor!

In addition to all the fresh snow  the cold conditions have allowed for snowmaking overnight and it will resume again once humidity levels drop again. With continued snowmaking it is expected that the longtime ski area will reopen more terrain in the near future (which could mean overnight).

Tickets will be sold at the regular season rates and Snow Valley will offer a complimentary “Boundback” voucher that is valid any other day on the slopes (up to one Year) from today’s date for each lift ticket for skiing/snowboarding that is purchased. This is an excellent Snow Valley value and this voucher is valid during holiday periods and has a value of up to $69. Just think, you get to come back and go skiing for nothing because the bounceback voucher is another ticket. It’s like buy one, get one free during this “bounceback” period.

Last summer, during the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored Farmer’s Market hundreds of tickets were sold for the “buy one get one free” promotion that Snow Valley extended to people who purchased a certain amount of items at the Farmer’s Market. The promotion was a huge success and not only did it help the farmer’s market vendors it also helped skiiers return to Running Springs and head on up to Snow Valley which is only five miles from the community.

Oh, and here’s a tidbit of trivia you may not know……Snow Valley is the oldest longest operating ski resort in the local mountains and that includes Big Bear.

For more information on Snow Valley log onto their website at: or call (909) 867-2751.

Grab those last chances to ski this year…just remember…’s a long way until next year when snow covers the slopes!




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