Rim School Board Reluctantly Votes to Close School

graduation capIt was standing room only (literally) at last Thursday night’s Rim of the World Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting. Throughout the last few decades the school district has dealt with a variety of issues over and over again. Those issues often have to do with enrollment and last Thursday’s board meeting unfortunately addressed those issues again.

At the end of a discussion the board of trustees regretfully voted to approved two  resolutions in order to meet their financial obligation for the remainder of this fiscal year . They must also project whether they will have enough funds for two subsequent fiscal years, something that is required for all districts.

One of the resolutions approved by the board  included closing Grandview Elementary School and the other resolution called for moving Mountain High School to Rim of the World High School. The faces on school board members, when it came time to vote, were solemn and for a long time a “second” was not made to the original  motion. It was easy to see the board members were struggling with the decision.

Throughout the years the districts enrollment has fluctuated greatly which makes it difficult for the school superintendent and board of trustees when it comes to solving the problem of enrollment and the funds they will receive from the state. Enrollment is tremendously important  because most of that money allocated to schools by the state  is tied to the number of students who are sitting in chairs in those classrooms. The districts must submit reports to the state signifying that they will be able to “perform” for not just the current year but for the next year as well.

Although the decision was made to approve the resolutions the details for a plan of moving students will be determined at a regularly-scheduled  open board of education meeting.

For information on meeting dates and other related school board issues log onto the district’s website at: http://www.rimsd.k12.ca.us. Look for “Board of Education.”





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