CHP Cadets Honor Their Fallen Officers with Run to Memorial Monument

California_Highway_Patrol_patchTradition is a wonderful thing and we all, as human beings, have many traditions that are meaningful in our lives. These events always mean more to someone involved than it does to those who aren’t involved.

One of the most poignant events occurs each year when more than 80 cadets at the CHP academy in Sacramento take to the streets to honor fallen CHP officers with a “Run to Memorial.” The officers run from the CHP academy to West Sacramento to the California Peace Officers’ Memorial monument that is across from the State Capitol. The approximate five-mile run is a tradition on the Wednesday before each CHP graduation.

The monument memorializes more than 1,500 California peace officers who have laid down their lives serving and protecting the public and it underscores to the soon-to-be officers the dangers of the job upon which they are about to embark.

While at the monuments cadets and officers honor the fallen officers with a moment of silence as a sign of respect for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the people of California. The tradition is a long-standing right of passage for cadets completing the 27-week training at the Academy.

More than 80 cadets and other CHP personnel are expected to attend this event. Cadets in physical training uniforms will run in formation and sing cadence on Reed Avenue, across the Tower Bridge and along Capitol Mall, ending at the Peace Officers’ Memorial which is located on 10th Street and Capitol Mall.

By the way, in our small mountain communities, if you see a local CHP officer or the Sheriff’s Department in the market or along the side of the road, stop and say “thanks.” They’ll probably be stunned………………..but appreciative. You might even stop by the CHP office on Hilltop Blvd. and say thanks. They’ll probably fall out of their chair but I also know they’ll be grateful. These officers see a lot such as horrible accidents and other terrible events that no one would choose to see or experience but it is, sadly, part of their job from time-to-time. Say thanks….it goes a long way!







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