Love the Idea of a Community Garden in Twin Peaks? Call the Recreation District!

Community gardens have been a longtime program in many countries around the world and they are becoming more popular in United States. One of the best gardens is in Green Valley Lake. It thrives and the people involve love this garden and tend it carefully.

Well, now you too can participate in a community garden that the Rim of World Recreation and Park District is opening at the Twin Peaks recreation area at Rotary Centennial Park. Plots are now available so interested individuals need to call the recreation district office if they want to reserve their own gardening plot.

The recreation is “looking” to re-launch the program this spring. The garden is the perfect place to plant vegetables, hers and flowers. This is a volunteer program and its success relies on the community to keep it going.

For more information call the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District office at (909) 337-7275 or send an e-mail to: for more information or with questions.

To stay up with the latest news, feel free to “like” the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District on their Facebook page.

Community gardens are a centuries-long program where people come together to plant and maintain their crops in a designated area. They’ve worked well forever so this should prove to be a great program. Green Valley Lake residents have a great garden going directly across from the lake and it seems to be fluorishing.



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