Upcoming Events at the Tudor House in Skyforest: Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

The magnificent ceiling at The Tudor House in Skyforest.
The magnificent ceiling at The Tudor House in Skyforest.

If you haven’t been to the Tudor House in Skyforest yet I have a suggestion. Get in your car. Put the key in the ignition. Back out of your driveway. Get onto the nearest highway. Drive slowly. Go on Hwy. 18 to Skyforest. Drive down the old, windy road. Get to the Tudor House. Get out of your car. Lock the doors. Walk into this incredible historic building. Find a seat. Sit down. Order some delicious food. Order a glass of wine if you want. Talk to other guests. Laugh a lot. Take in the ambiance. Enjoy the program, music or movie (depending on what’s happenin’ that night). Sing like you’ve never sung before. Enjoy yourself completely. Get back in your car. Drive home. Remember your great evening at this fabulous venue.


Wednesday, March 11-Seville St. Blues Band which was voted best blues band in the entire Inland Empire for 2012. To add to their resumes these musicians were also voted best local band 2015 by Inland Empire Magazine.

The doors to this historic venue open at 5:30 p.m. and all ages are welcome. To add to the fun and enjoyment to this Bands, Burgers and Brews event there’s no admission fee. That being said, you’ll probably want to order one of their delicious dinners because (a) you’re hungry or (b) they have great food (or c) both!

For reservations and information call (909) 336-5000. To find them online log onto: http://www.TudorHouseEntertainment.Villas.

A visit to this special space should be on your bucket list!


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