Rotary’s PolaRotary Bear Plunge An Enormous Success!

clapping handsThose crazy Rotary jumpers. When people tell them to go jump in the lake………………..they do!

The recent Seventh Annual PolaRotary Bear Plunge in Lake Arrowhead was a huge success! They had more participants, representing more charitable organizations, and raising more money, than in any of the previous six years. The success and yearly growth represents a collaboration of mountain entities that deserve a big “Thank You.”

The Rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead, whose volunteers coordinate, staff and sponsor this event, thank everyone involved. A special applause goes to the media; the Mt. News, Alpenhorn, Rim of the World News and Mountain Top Echoes blog for all the publicity and news coverage they gave us.

Another big thank you goes to the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa who provide the venue and are most gracious hosts. We also wish to thank ALA (Arrowhead Lake Association)  for approving and lending logistical support, and the costume door prizes, the Coffee and Tea Exchange, Sondra’s of Lake Arrowhead, Union Bank and California Bank and Trust. We also thank the Rim High School Audio/Video Club under the direction of club advisor Joe Urbz for filming and editing thousands of film and still shots and producing quality DVDs of the event. Each participant is given a DVD. The DVD of this great event may be viewed on UTube.

Others deserving thanks include the San Bernardino County Fire/Cold Water Rescue, Carol Banner (medal hander-outer), Ginny Durand, Sondra Hughes and Janet Massoth (all great costume judges), RC Gladwell Advertising and Design, Rim High Interact Club, Lon Le Blanc (website design), “Greeters” Emily Monroe, Paige Holzberger and Gordon Kinbio Plunge  Committee members, Rim of the World Recreation and Park District volunteers, Hostess Gina Richardson, Rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead members and spouses, Spa of the Pines, Guides Meighan and Anna, and plunge spectators and cheering supporters.

Over $25,000 was raised and split between the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation and the following charity organizations for which the “jumpers” sacrificed by plunging into the icy cold water of Lake Arrowhead. Following is a list of the “jumpers” and the group or organization that will receive their “jumping” funds.

Thank you to: Kim Roscoe  (American Heart Association); Nick Nerio (American Legion Post 360); Jon Connor, Bob Gladwell, Kate Malin and Lorna Polley (Arrowhead Arts Association); Rod Akins and Mike Hewitt (Church of the Woods); Mike Hill (Crestline/Lake Gregory Rotary); Alfredo Barcenas, Jessica Bryan, Bryce Davis, Juan Garcia, Allison Rosiles (Cal State University San Bernardino Mountain Communities Scholarship); Chelly Cole and Tahnee Score (Doves); Hannah Allen (Hearts and Lives): Marshall Waters (Lake Arrowhead Christian School); Russell Bell, Sheila Ben-Hur, Mac Elliott, Pat Rains and Mike Zweber (Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation); Shelly Niemi, Luz Salinas, Genny Urban (Operation Provider); Jack Winsten (Operation Provider and Rebuilding Together); Randy Buechler (Mount Calvary Lutheran Church); Bob Geer (Mountain Communities Boys and Girls Club); Richard Lavin (Mountain Jewish Community); the synchronous swim team of Lyle Barkley, Sheila Link, Geoff Hopper, Lauralea Hopper, John Moore, Eric Muse, Babe Poyyak and Thacker White (Mountain Sunrise Rotary); Norbert Loewen, Don Pettyjohn, Jo Bonita Rains, Cherie Singer, Jane St. John and Gloria Wolcott (Rim Education Foundation); Hugh Bialecki, Gavin Bialecki, Nick Bialecki, Deanne Dodge (Rim Recreation and Park District); Diane Gladwell and Michael Gladwell (Rim Wrestling), Lauralea Hopper and Cheryl Wood (Soroptimist International of Rim of the World); Polly Sauer (Special Olympics Host Town program), Taryn Caldwell, Jody Condon and Cheri Nagel (Susan G. Komen Foundation); Barbara Miller (South Bay Auxiliary to Children’s Hospital); Ryan Bender, Steve Caloca, Fancy Davis, Jim Ferranti, Dylan Matteson and Kimberly Motz (UCLA Mountain Bruins).

Last but certainly not least, those who donated the $25,000 who deserve a huge “thank you,” said Patrick Rains. “We live in a great community!”







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