Come Enjoy the “Spring Strings” Performance by Local Music Students! You’ll be Amazed!

Congratulations on your latest book, Rhea.

The hills truly will be alive with the sound of music this summer when the incredible local organization, the Arrowhead Arts Association, sponsors its summer concerts. Each year these often-incredible events draw hundreds of people to the venue where local residents and visitors sit back, enjoy the view and listen and enjoy the performances.

Before the summer events start The “Spring Strings” performance will be held March 26 at 6:30 p.m. at Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School in Lake Arrowhead. Come and enjoy the program and find out more about the Arrowhead Arts Association that is instrumental in bringing music, in many different ways, to the communities.

If you attend the upcoming youth convert you will be astounded by the performances from the talented local music students who are part of the organization’s Youth Strings program. The donation for adults is a minimum of $5 ( but I’m sure they wouldn’t turn down higher donations). Children are admitted free as this is always the procedure for this wonderful organization. One of their goals is to reach children with great music and to help accomplish their goal young children are admitted free to their concerts.

Come and enjoy!!! Beginning and intermediate students from all the elementary schools will be featured as will be the MPH students who are part of the organization’s advanced strings program.




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