Eligible Californians Can Stay in Touch with Free Specialized Phones

telephoneDo you know someone who needs some help staying in touch with friends and other loved ones because of their hearing, sight or speech issues? If so, the State of California has a variety of FREE specialized telephones that will help people stay in touch. Through this program there are a wide variety of specialized phones available. Amplified phones have enhanced volume control that make it easy for users to hear conversations. There are phones with large buttons so people with vision issues will be able to use the phones with these larger numbers. For people who don’t want to miss a call there are phones that feature a flashing red light that signals to the phone owner that there is an incoming call. The program also has phones that are especially designed to address stuttering and other speech-related issues. For those whose hearing isn’t “up to par” so to speak, there are  phones that have a flashing light when an incoming call is coming through, and the flashing light makes it easy to see that they need to answer the phone.

These programs could, in certain circumstances, save lives as well as providing an enormous service to phone users.

For more information call 1-800-806-1191 or go online to: http://www.CallCaliforniaPhones.org. Ask to have an application sent to you. There are some pamphlets with all the information at the Robert Hootman Senior Community Center on Running Springs School Road. For help completing an application, for further program information or to receive a replacement application call 1-800-806-1191. If you take a completed form to your nearest service center you may get the phone the same day.


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