Baby Boomers, Take Note: The Four Preps Are Coming to Lake Arrowhead May 16

clapping handsOkay all you Four Preps fans, get ready for a fabulously fun concert at the Lake Arrowhead resort on May 16 when The Four Preps take to the stage. Having seen this group just last year I can attest to the fact that they are truly fabulous and their music is as great as ever. If you’re a baby boomer who loved their music don’t miss this great event. Plan to let yourself go and enjoy every single second of this fun, sentimental performance. You will be able to sing (in your head) the words you are apt to know so well from decades ago.

Sponsored by the incredible Arrowhead Arts Association, the concert will be held in the ballroom of the Lake Arrowhead Resort.

The current four-some includes the original member, Bruce Bellard as well as Don Duncan (formerly with the diamonds and the Crew Cuts), Joe Dickey (of The Crew Cuts) and Skip Taylor. Having seen them I can attest to the fact that the group sounds just like we heard in the 1950s and although all the members are not “originals” you’d never know it. Just think…..”26 Miles Across the Sea, Santa Catalina is a’waitin’ for me,” “I was a Big Man yesterday but boy you otta’ see me now,” “Down by the Station Early in the Morning,” and on and on and on. You won’t be able to help remembering days (and decades) gone by and this group will take you right back to your high school or college days.

You are going to love this great event so if you want to remember “the old days” don’t miss this concert at the Lake Arrowhead Resort. The  beautiful ballroom can only seat 200 people so if you’re thinking of attending you need to make your reservations before all the tickets are gone. Tickets are $75 and they’re worth every cent!!!!! Last year when the Arrowhead Arts Association featured “Reunion (The Lettermen) it was a sold-out event and they couldn’t have squeezed one more person into the ballroom.

For ticket information and to order tickets call the Arrowhead Arts Association telephone number (909) 337-04296 after April 1 (and that’s no April Fools!)



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