Celebrate Park and Recreation Days in the Mountains

Captain Hook won't be happy if you miss the fun, Halloween-theme wine tasting in the "pirate ship" wine cellar.
Don’t let Captain Hook scare you and your children away from the upcoming Park and Recreation Days at Twin Peaks and Tucker Field in Arrowbear. He’s about to fall overboard so he won’t be there!

Those of us who are old enough to remember when there was no recreation and park district in our local communities probably appreciate it more than those who moved to “our” beautiful mountains after the local agency was formed. Before the district, there were a couple of fields but they certainly aren’t the fields we have today. There were no organized sports programs (except those through the schools). Today there are fields in Crestline, Running Springs, Arrowbear and Twin Peaks.

Along came the chance to form the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District and the rest, as they say, is history……………and it is!

To celebrate Park and Recreation Days everyone is invited to go to Arrowbear Park (AKA Tucker Field) in Arrowbear, the Twin Peaks Rotary Centennial Park and Harich Field in Twin Peaks on Saturday, April 18 to celebrate Park Appreciation Days.
Free hot dogs, relay races, minute to win-it games, prizes, fire truck tours and a lot more fun will be part of this celebration.Both events will be so much fun so come on out, enjoy the day at “our” ballfields at Arrowbear Park (AKA Tucker Field) and at the Twin Peaks ballfield.

Come and have fun and bring the kids. Everyone is welcome to celebrate the fields that have given local children and adults so much pleasure throughout the years!






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