Mountain Singles=Fun Events for “Singles” on the Mountain

Sorry, guys, you can't attend the fun events wit the Mountain Singles which is too bad because everyone has fun and meets new people.
Sorry, guys, you can’t attend the fun events with the Mountain Singles which is too bad because everyone has fun and makes new friends. They’re a really active group up here in the mountains!

If you’re single and want to  get to know other singles on the mountains you should get to know the great people involved with the Mountain Singles organization. They’re a very active group of people who like to have fun, enjoy life and meet other people who are single. So often, when people marry or are in a relationship their “single” friends don’t see them as much (naturally) so this group is great for single people. They are very active and enjoy monthly events at different restaurants or homes throughout our local mountain communities.

Read here and see if any of these events sound like fun. If you’d like to join them you can send an e-mail to:

This Wednesday night (March 26) the group will meet at the Malt Shop in Cedar Glen. You don’t have to wear your poodle skirt and sneakers or your torn T-shirt (if you’re a guy). Just show up and enjoy the ambiance of this great ’50s theme restaurant. This local restaurant opened in the 1940s and it stayed the same while the world changed around them. According to Don, they have great prices and fabulous ‘burgers and malts.  This sounds like such fun! Let the good times roll!

The Mountain Singles organization is celebrating its six-years of existence. The group began on March 25, 2009 by launching their website….and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sunday Brunch? it will be held on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at Cindy’s Cafe in Crestline. According to Don their first attempt to eat there didn’t pan out because they were snowed-out. (That must have been just about the only snow storm this winter!). So, the date for this event is Saturday, March 28. Cindy’s is closed on Sundays so be sure to show up on Saturday. You’ll be really lonely is you go on Sunday and no one is there!

The group is getting ready to celebrate Cindo de Mayo so stay tuned for more information on this fun event. Ole!




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