Skyforest Festival Set for May 24

Birthday_birthday_balloonsIf you missed last year’s Skyforest Festival you won’t want to miss this fun event this year. Skyforest has such history as it is one of the earliest (if not THE earliest) of the local mountain communities.

Last year their merchants and restaurants held a great outdoor event. The weather was perfect, there was parking, there were vendors along with great entertainment, beer and yummy food. This year the organizers are looking for artists, organizations and vendors who will offer “unique finds.” and who want to participate. This year’s fun will be held Sunday, May 24.

The charge for vendors will be $40. Sponsorships are also needed to cover the cost of printing, paying for the CHP (since the event is located adjacent to Hwy. 18) and many more items.

For information on sponsorships or other facets of this great event send an email to Diane Brown at or

This event, with great music, talented artists and artisans and a lot of colorful booths in such a wonderful setting was an enormous hit. Be sure to put it on your calendar so you don’t miss it!




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