Women…..Learn to Love and Appreciate YOU at Women’s Circle at “Refresh (Retreat) in Crestline!

falling leaves, autumnWomen……are you in love with yourself? If not, perhaps you need to be. Refresh, the new retreat center in Crestline, will be hosting a bi-weekly Women’s circle entitled “Imagine a Woman in Love with Herself.” The women’s circle will be based on a book by Patricia Lynn Reilly. This special women’s program will include an evening of fun and creativity at the beautiful new retreat.

The events will include helping women create and embrace who they are and celebrate, through music, drawing, crafts, movement and group discussion, themselves and womankind.

In her book Reilly invites women to look on themselves and their lives with loving kindness (something that most women need!). What a lovely thought for the females of this world.

The group will explore 20 self-affirming qualities that encourage women to be the authors of their own lives and grow in knowledge and to love themselves (something many women find hard to do). The evenings will be filled with fun and creativity (and probably laughter). The women who participate  can learn from one another how to love themselves through new friendships as well as music, drawing, movement and group discussions. These meetings will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

A “love” donation of $10 will cover the costs of arts and craft supplies as well as operating expenses. The group will learn about strategies of Patricia Lynn Reilly who encourages women to love themselves and their lives. This special program will explore 20 self-affirming qualities to encourage women to grow and appreciate themselves which, for many, many women is so hard to do.

For more information on this positive, fun and creative, introspective look at your life and how to improve it and grow your own life by learning to love “you” RSVP to debbie@refreshonthemountain.com.





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