County Schools’ Office Accepting Applications for State Teacher of the Year

apple_and_slateboardDo you have or have you had a special teacher who works in a school within the overall San Bernardino County school district? If so, you can submit a form that may ultimately result in he or she being named State Teacher of the Year.

The San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools office is accepting applications for nominees for the California Teacher of the Year program for 2016. The deadline for submission sis  . The county school’s  human resources department is coordinating the selection process.

The county will coordinate the selection of one teacher for every 5,000 teachers in the county. The winners of the county competition will be forwarded to be considered for the state contest.

The same application materials are used for both the county and statewide Teacher of the Year programs. Materials, including program information, eligibility criteria and the application, are available through the California Department of Education’s website at the following link:

For more information contact Nancy Johnson at the County Schools’ Human Resources department at (909) 386-9570.



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