A G.I. Family’s Prayer: Written Years Ago by Dr. Robert Schuller, Crystal Cathedral

beautiful cross with flowersI was sorry to hear today that Dr. Robert Schuller, who was the first pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, passed away today. I certainly didn’t know him but I do vividly remember that when it was announced that we were sending troops into Iraq in Desert Storm and the comfort he offered to all Americans.

At the time I was at our family beach house and I knew something was “up” because the Seal  Beach Naval Ammunition Base was just a few miles away from our wonderful, old, comfortable house that our parents had purchased for $6,000 way back in the 1950s. That weekend there an inordinate number of Navy ships going into and out of the base and I could see them  lined up on the horizon. In my gut I knew something was up and tragically, and unfortunately, I was right.

In need of some spiritual uplifting I turned on the program and Dr. Schuller had written this beautiful poem to honor our troops that would soon be climbing up the ramps of Naval ships from the local Seal Beach base to head to the middle east. I called and asked permission to print his beautiful poem in my mountain newspaper that I had at the time and he happily gave me permission. It is so beautiful so for those parents and other family members who have loved ones overseas, I hope this brings some solace to you!

“A.G.I’. Family’s Prayer”

Hear, Lord, my prayer for my G.I. So eager to live, too young to die.

Beneath an alien blistering sun

They fave a dangerous enemy gun.

The storm clouds gather, the horror of war.

My soldier stands bravely guarding the door.

Defending justice, peace and freedom,

Of their commander-in-chief, give Holy wisdom.

From war’s alarms, bring swift release.

Hasten the day of honorable peace.

On land and sand and sea and air,

I back my solder with the prayer.

“No matter how far he is forced to roam,

Just bring, I pray, my G.I. home.”



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