Happy Birthday to…..

This one's for you, Donna. Happy, happy birthday!
This one’s for you, Donna. Happy, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to fabulous chef extraordinaire and all around wonderful person Randy Arrington. Randy is the owner of Blondie’s restaurant on Hwy. 18 in Arrowbear. Located just two or so miles east of Running Springs). Throughout the years Randy has owned this popular restaurant he’s had quite a success and that’s because the food is delicious, the staff is always welcoming and fun, it’s right on Hwy. 18 and he honors our troops by allowing parents to post their son or daughter’s photo on a wall that is specifically there to honor our service members. Trimmed with red, white and blue decorations it is an honor for all those names and photos on the wall but it is also an honor for those who are dining to get a look at our local heroes. Have a great birthday, Randy, and thank you!

Happy birthday wishes to my cherished friend Cheryl Nagy who has quietly done so much for the mountain communities. Cheryl has worked with local associations that are part of the nation-wide system that involves thousands of volunteers who help others in the case of emergencies such as fires, hurricanes and other disasters. This interest has taken her far and wide working with county, city, state, federal and even international organizations throughout the world. Most of the people involve with these organizations are volunteers and I honor her, and them, in their efforts to help mankind be more prepared for emergencies and to help communities cope with disasters after they occur.

There are teachers and then THERE ARE TEACHERS and Betty Ann Crabtree was one the best. She’s always had a great personality with a wonderful laugh that fortunately she uses frequently.  I hope she has the most wonderful birthday ever and takes some time to reflect on her years of teaching and the joy, laughter, knowledge and love she bestowed on her students throughout the years. Way to Go, Betty. If I had 10 thumbs I’d give you a 10 thumbs up but I only have two but I’m raising them both to honor you.



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