Mountain Meals on Wheels Spaghetti Fundraiser April 18

k22277148Mama Mia! It’s that time of year  when the annual Mountain Meals on Wheels fundraising Spaghetti Dinner is held. This fun, huge  (and delicious) fundraiser is always successful in raising funds to keep this needed service available to homebound residents  in the local Rim of the World communities.This fantastic service makes sure that people who can’t get out to the store or who are ill or in another circumstance that makes it difficult for them to get to the market still have a healthy meal  or meals.

This fundraiser will be held Saturday, April 18 at the Mountain Communities Senior Center at 675 Grandview Road in Twin Peaks.Thank you to “The Mug” for donating all the spaghetti (and that’s a lota spaghetti!). The donation for this delicious meal is $8 for adults and $4 for children.

Come enjoy some great spaghetti and enjoy the fact that you know you and your friends are helping keep this great local program alive!


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