It’s Spring and Keller Peak Road is Open! Tra-la!

silhouette, girl dancingTra-la, Tree-lee, for those of you who love walking or driving up Keller Peak Road (by the local ranger station on Hwy. 18 in Arrowbear) you will be happy to hear that the Keller Peak Road is open. The road is now accessible to hikers and those (like me) who love driving up the beautiful, windy road in the local mountains.

The entry to this beautiful, windy drive is next to the Ranger Station on Hwy. 18 near the community of Arrowbear Lake (near the Valero gas station). I drove up it again today and even though I have driven that road over and over again it always refreshes my spirit and my brain.

Small ares of white snow still cling to the top portions of the mountain areas, especially the areas that are near to the lookout tower.

As I drove the road I came upon a couple of other drivers and we waved as we passed one another. This drive is calming and magnificent with the enormous outpouring of boulders that are often stacked one atop the other. It’s  a beautiful area and I saw several people hiking up or down the windy road. The trees are filled with long dangling sugar pine cones that weigh the branches down.

When I want to go for a quiet, uplifting drive without going too far I have always loved the drive up this beautiful road. You are apt to see an occasional vehicle or people walking up or down the road and it’s so nice to see them as everyone waves or acknowledges on another in some way. As I drive by the spot where my children, John and Amanda, pranced through the creek as young children I always smile as it was such a long time ago. Today, there’s no water in the creek but my memories of watching them splash around (and their dad and I joined them) it always brings back lovely sentimental memories.

If you enjoy going  for a walk (or hike, really) or if you love to drive through the beautiful mountain areas that are quiet and peaceful, take a drive up Keller Peak Road. You will return feeling refreshed  and ready to take on the world….well, almost anyway!




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