Mountains Group of the Sierra Club News!

Sierra_club_logoAre you a member or interested member in the Mountains Group of the Sierra Club? If so, be sure to attend the upcoming April 13 meeting at St. Richard’s Episcopal Church. The church is located on Hwy. 18 in Skyforest near Kuffel Canyon.

The evening’s program will deal with Forest Restoration projects and Danielle Ortiz of the U.S. Forest Service will present the program. Ortiz wears numerous hats as she working with the Habitat Management Plan program that monitors and restores unauthorized OHV (Off-highway vehicle) damage in sensitive habitats. She also works with invasive species eradication, she leads and organizes projects for the Green Thumbs restoration volunteer program and she works with a variety of restoration work such as greenhouse maintenance and monitoring and maintenance of restoration sites.

As an advocate she has written that the San Bernardino National Forest has been successful at conducting ecological restoration for over a decade. Since the programs started in the early part of 1990, they have restored thousands of acres of disturbed land across the forest with native plants that are grown from their commercial sized greenhouse and nurseries. She also stated that the nurseries are currently growing 50 various species of grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees for restoration of disturbed lands across the forest from a variety of habitats such as desert, chaparral, wetlands and woodlands.

This should be a fascinating presentation so members and non-members alike are encouraged to attend this meeting to find out more about how the forest recovers through help from the volunteers who focus on areas of high potential interfaces in the forest to aid in restoring degraded watersheds, enhancing threatened, endangered and sensitive species habitat.

Local Sierra Club members are reminded not to forget to vote in the upcoming Sierra Club Board of Directors election. The deadline is April 29!




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