A Thank You to All of You!

I just thought I’d let you all know that I am currently typing my 2,339th blog post since I started this online blog one and one-half years ago. I appreciate all of you so much for your support. This effort takes a lot of time but I love doing it so all is well. Since it is a news blog it takes far more time than most blogs, I imagine, because I’m not just sitting down and typing anything that pops into my head (although I do that sometimes).

I thank you for your support and encouragement. Your support helps a lot as it is partially responsible for what keeps me at my computer keys late at night pounding away on the keyboard.

I love what I do so I consider myself lucky because so many people throughout the globe don’t have that luxury. Even though I can’t see any of you through my computer I feel like I know some of you.

Again, my thanks,




One thought on “A Thank You to All of You!

  1. Bob Gladwell

    Aloha Joan,
    We love the news you bring to our mountain communities. You always keep it in perspective. Keep typing friend!

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