Forwarding Wishes Gift Cottage Hosting Free Mother’s Day Tea!

Women's Health Faire July 14 at Mountains Community Hospital! From finger foods to delicious divine  treats little girls (and big girls too) will love the upcoming May 9 Mother’s Day Tea at the enchanting “Forwarding Wishes and Mr. P’s” shops . The shop keepers will hold the tea on Saturday, May 9 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Forwarding Wishes Gift Cottage. These two new businesses are located on Hilltop Blvd. at Palo Alto in what many residents still refer to (still) as “Grumpy’s Bakery.”

Come enjoy the teas and other delightful delights and trust me, you’ll love the ambiance. This event is open to little girls and those of us who are “older” but who still have that “little girl” inside.This charming shop is located on the lower level of the old building that houses Mr. P’s and Forwarding Wishes Gift Cottage. Come and enjoy this special Mother’s Day event and to add to the fun you can wear your most elegant or fancy hat if you want to add to the celebration. (White gloves not required!)

Little girls, from really little girls to those of us who are girls in our hearts, will love this fun event. This should prove to be a very delightful event for the young girls and their mums or grand-mums. All little girls (and bigger girls, too) are encouraged to dress up for this ultra-elegant tea party. If you don’t dress ‘to the nines” don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be welcome but dressing up adds to the ambiance of the fun. Wear your fanciest hat if you have one but if not, come any way to enjoy the teas and other edible delights.

There is no charge for this event so come and enjoy! There will be finger foods and other delicious goodies so plan to bring your little girl(s) and enjoy the delectable, delicious, divine  treats. Daughters….bring your mothers. Mothers….bring your daughters or daughters-in-law.  But whatever you do, do plan to attend this fun event that is hosted by the very clever owners of this Hilltop Blvd. shop.







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