Going to the Stagecoach Music Event in the Desert? Expect Delays! Caltrans Information!

Before you head to the Stagecoach Country Music Festival this weekend, read these tips from Caltrans.
Before you head to the Stagecoach Country Music Festival this weekend, read these tips from Caltrans.

One person’s fun can turn into another person’s aggravation and if you’re heading toward the Beaumont  and Indio  areas this weekend (April 24-27) you need to be aware that the annual Stagecoach event begins about noon on Friday, Heavy traffic is expected on the eastbound I-10 that leads to the desert and the music event ends late Sunday evening with some traffic expected on the westbound I-10 and northbound SR-111. This event always draws a lot of recreation vehicle who will stay the night Sunday and leave on Monday morning. This situation will again cause delays on the westbound I-10 throughout the day between Indio and Beaumont.

Caltrans advises travelers to use the 1-10 between Beaumont and Indio and to avoid traveling Friday April 24 through Monday, April 27. There will be long lines of traffic on those days and there are very few alternate routes for drivers to take. The best solution is to try to plan to travel as much as possible with the suggestions that Caltrans has released about the most “perfect” traveling times.

Caltrans  encourages everyone to travel to and from the area in the early morning hours, if possible and they strongly suggest that all drivers and passengers should take WATER as well as snacks and necessary medications. Having a full tank of gas is also stressed and all drivers should make sure their car is in good running condition. Taking a charged cellphone is also recommended and don’t forget a car charger. Use the restroom before you travel between Beaumont and Indio. Be sure to take your “patience”  with you because you will probably need it but they can follow traffic conditions on Caltrans Quickmap.

Motorists can use the Quickmap to map out the best detour route such as SR 62 or SR 74. If you are coming west from Arizona use 1-40 in lieu of  taking the 1-10. Caltrans will activate the overhead Changeable Message Signs and they will also contact the Arizona Department of Transportation to help inform the public of impending delays this weekend.

Remember, Know before you go,  check local traffic radio stations for information or try to avoid the area, if possible.



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